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Recording on the CD Elegia
The Trento Philharmonic Society commissioned this work from me in 2002 to show off the newly-renovated organ, housed in the Philharmonic Concert Hall. Pairing a string orchestra with an organ seemed difficult to me because of the “rigid” sound of the organ which is completely different from the sound produced by string instruments. I tried to resolve the problem by not giving the solo instrument the same melodic material as the orchestra. The organ and orchestra thus become two complementary elements in a musical conversation which displays simplicity and clarity. The organ often plays repeated patterns while the strings have a more lyrical role. The result is a concerto that reflects the Renaissance concept of unifying and “binding together” rather than the classical one of contest and struggle.
First Performance: November 16, 2003 - Sala della Filarmonica, Trento, Italy
Performers: Brett Leighton - Organ, Zandonai Ensemble conducted by Giancarlo Guarino