mp3 iconmp3 123   Jessica Dalsant/Andrea Gasperi Flute & Guitar Duo
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video iconvideo1 - 2 - 3   플루티스트 오병철 - 기타리스트 황민웅
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Recorded on the CD A Touch of Tango
The first movement of the Sonata for Flute and Guitar merges the classical sonata form with the fugue. The subject of the opening fugue is also the first theme of the sonata form. If the form is classical, the rhythm and the harmony are related to the characteristics of the Argentinian tango. The second movement is a Milonga where two simple melodies are put together above an ostinato rhythmic cell of four equal notes. The third movement is a whirling 'perpetuum mobile', interrupted in the middle by an episode in which the flute and guitar play a melancholy melody. The flute part is highly virtuoso and requires the player to use circular breathing.
First Performance: October 14, 2000 - Sala Polifunzionale dell'Università, Trento, Italy.
Performers: Jessica Dalsant, Andrea Gasperi.