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Recording on the CD Concerto
Band Ouverture is a short pleasant piece ideal for opening or closing a concert. It was designed to offer in a short lapse of time a varied score as suitable as possible to the technical characteristics of the various wind instruments. After a strongly confirmative introduction, the first theme is heroic and shrill, underlined with great vigour by horns and trumpets. This is followed by the second theme which contrasts with the first in its light and humoristic vein, tripping rapidly through the various woodwind instruments: piccolo, oboe, flute, bassoon and clarinet. These main themes lead on to a very short episode of development of the first theme, after which the second theme is picked up again with great sonority. The work ends with a strongly rhythmic closing theme that stops suddenly on an overlay of strongly dissonant chords.
First Performance: April 4, 1997 - Auditorium S. Chiara, Trento, Italy
Performer: Banda Rappresentativa della Federazione Corpi Bandistici della Provincia di Trento conducted by Marco Bazzoli