mp3 iconAudio1   Luca Merlin (Voice), Matteo Facchin (Accordion)
video iconVideo1   Antoni Sykopoulos accompagné par Daniel Thonnard
video iconVideo1   Leontiev troupe, Boris Nikishkin, Elena Stenkina
pdf iconSheet Music Score voice and accordion
pdf iconSheet Music Score voice and piano
Recording on the CD Vol d'été
The music of "Tango Trentino" was written for a comedy that was supposed to have emigration as its topic (There was a time when Trentino, my birthplace, was very poor and many people emigrated to Argentina in search of a better life). The author of the text, Leonardo Franchini, was also the author of the comedy which was never finished and never went on stage. The lyrics of the song (originally for voice and accordion) are written in a funny mix of Spanish and Trentino dialect and tell of various places in Trentino that an emigrant to Argentina remembers with nostalgia. Since the song in its original form no longer had any purpose, I thought of making a version for a male choir (In Trentino there is a long tradition of male choirs called "mountain choirs"). In this new form the song had some success. In the meantime, the song began to circulate on the internet in various versions created by various musicians. Encouraged by the interest that the piece aroused, I created a version for string quartet and string quintet.